Current Ukama Happenings

In our 20th Year, the Ukama Partnership continues to be blessed and a blessings as we pray for one another and find ways to connect in Christian love and caring.

  • The Ukama Mission Group in New Hampshire has been trying a new thing with regional gatherings to help local Ukama Partnership Churches get to know one another through fellowship and learning opportunities. How good it has been to gather to celebrate the Ukama Partnership, pray, and learn together.
  • We give thanks for a church to church visit this summer between members of the Wakefield First Congregational Church and the Rufamiso Church.
  • We rejoice at the work of the Keene United Church of Christ. They will coordinate a Container Shipment to Zimbabwe in September.
  • We look forward to a small delegation of pastors traveling to Zimbabwe for the Installation of the President in November.
  • What joyful thanks we give for the generous outpouring of gifts from local churches in New Hampshire for the 2016 Shared Water/Food Security Project.

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